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If instead of making a film, you've created an episodic series (aka, a TV show) and you want to showcase it to TV executives, agents and producers you have limited options. There are a thousand film festivals but they don't accept episodic shows. So where do you take your series to be seen?

You take it to ITVFest.

ITVFest (the Independent Television Festival) is a worldwide community of television creators, executives, agents and fans responsible for discovering the best new television programs created on independent (aka, non-network) budgets.

Throughout the year from New York to Los Angeles and places in between, our global network of creatives, executives and fans gather for seminars, screenings and retreats. It all culminates at the week-long festival in Manchester in October.

Unlike big city festivals where it can be difficult to interact with the right people, ITVFest in Vermont offers a unique opportunity to meet fellow professionals and make these lasting connections that can lead to prosperous careers.



Everyone! ITVFest is an open public festival. It is not just for entertainment industry folks.

If you enjoy film festivals, arts festivals and seeing the world's best creative talent, then ITVFest is for you!

The industry people that attend range from first time creators to major executives to Emmy winners. There does not exist another place (physical or online) where you can watch all these new shows and have such easy access to meet creators - as well as meeting all the industry executives too.



The festival is October 11-15th in Manchester, Vermont.



If you want to see the shows and panels, then the Audience Badge is for you. Audience Badges are sold by the day.

If you want to see the shows and panels, and attend the VIP parties, seminars and Red Carpet then you want either a Content Creator or Executive Badge. Both of these badges are good for all days.


Eleven years ago when the first video was broadcast on YouTube, a radical power shift occurred in our industry: we could now self-distribute our stories directly to viewers around the world. It forever changed the art of storytelling in the digital age.

It also led to our greatest challenge: monetization.

We know in our hearts how important our work is but making a sustainable living from it remains elusive. There have been a few financial successes, however, thousands of independent series find no viable financial path – even some with millions of views! This frustration is shared among new and veteran Content Creators alike.

The solution: a community of overwhelming force.

Money flows to where the people are. The overwhelming force of comic fans drove big money into comic based properties. It is now our turn to prove that there exists an overwhelming force of fans in love with our stories, so ITVFest has created a time and a place for powerful buyers to see our community in action.

Content is in demand today like never before and I believe that creating a sustainable financial model for independent episodic content is the artistic cause of our time.

ITVFest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so this is not about ticket sales. This is about winning the cause of creating respect and livable wages for independent Content Creators.

Join us in the beautiful Vermont mountains this October to have your presence counted and prove that our creative community is an overwhelming force worth investing in, much the same way that a renegade group of independent filmmakers did in the mountains of Utah over 40 years ago.

See you in Vermont!

Philip Gilpin, Jr

Executive Director