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ITVFest's panel discussions are informative, relevant and honest. We bring in a variety of industry professionals to answer poignant questions about the state of the industry, where it's going and how to lead the way.

As of July, representatives from CBS, Starz, HBO, DailyMotion, NATAS (the Emmys) and Indiewire have all confirmed their participation. More studios, networks, agencies and media organizations will confirm in the upcoming weeks. We'll announce the full list of 2015 panels in August. 

The videos below from last year's festival give you an idea of what they are about.


Hosted by
Sib Law, IAWTV Chair

Daniel Capuzzi, Filmmaker
David Katz, VP Starz Digital
Hunter Kinsella, Frame Media Group (formerly of CAA)
Dana Kuznetzkoff, Producer/Director
Mike Rotman, Streamin' Garage

- How does Indie TV currently fit within the entertainment industry?
- What's the relationship between the major studios and indie TV/web creators?
- What are the business models that allow for a new indie TV revolution to grow?
- Does digital distribution give artists more artistic freedom and business autonomy?

NATAS (National Academy) Panel “Where Digital Content Creates Revenue”

Hosted by
Tim Egan/NATAS New England & Moody Street TV

1) Steve Porter/Porterhouse Media
2) Kevin Deane/
3) Allan Guilbeault/Total Scope Marketing

In 2006-2007, NATAS began to recognize online content as Emmy eligible. We have seen the industry change, grow and respond to how digital content becomes part of the “business”. Affiliates make news versions for the web; cable channels create digital portals for behind the scenes or cutting room floor; indie provider push mobile apps and newspapers/radio stations are in the game. What make viewers tune in or click on – good content? Digital content is growing rapidly. How does each facet of the industry use tech to push the boundaries of the creative process? Change how production is executed from a traditional form. As well, how it develops new business models for Exec Producers?

INDEPENDENT TV & Web AS Big Business

Hosted by
Sib Law, IAWTV Chair

Rob Barnett, Omnivision
Ursula Lawrence, WGA-East
Dan Milano, DailyMotion
Kristen Nedopak, The Geekie Awards
Bernie Su, Content Creator

- When will indie art in the digital space finally become self-sustaining?
- Is it a new business model or just a new version of an old one?
- Who's creating the revenue streams?
- Where does the online world have room left to grow?

Creating Independent Content: For the art or the money?

Sunday, Sept 28th, 2-3pm

Hosted by
Jeff Burns, Super Geeked Up/Frostbite Pictures

Mark Ruppert, 48 Hour Film Project
Veronika Daddona, Backstage Magazine
Adam Harum, Filmmaker
Jay Miles, Author, Conquering YouTube

- Has indie started to go mainstream?
- How do you keep it indie while still paying the bills?
- At what point does indie just become a regular business?
- What's the goal? To stay indie or to make it big?


The Great Merging: TELEWEB & WEBLEVISION (2013)

Hosted by: Sib Law, IAWTV Chair & The Digital Overlap
Dana Kuznetzkoff, Executive Board, PGA
Dan Milano, Partnership Manager, DailyMotion
AJ Tesler, Head of Production at
Mike Rotman, CEO & Founder of Streamin' Garage

  • Does anyone know where the merging of web and TV is headed?
  • Are strictly TV companies just dinosaurs waiting to go extinct?
  • How does the merging of these digital distribution platforms affect the conceptual stages of production? Writing? Etc?
  • What are the differences between web and TV programs that will merge together? What will remain separate?
  • How has the development process changed with the TV/web merge? Or has it?

Independent Art in the 21st Century (2013)

Hosted by: Sib Law, IAWTV Chair & The Digital Overlap
Jenny Bahn, Author, Brooklyn Love Stories
Jay Miles, Producer/Filmmaker
Thom Woodley, 'Creator/Writer of The Burg
Sal Tassone, Producer

  • With the onslaught of digital technology over the last 8 years, how has the indie world adapted, grown or shrunk?
  • Does more accessible technology make indie art easier to make or does it make the art worse?
  • Everyone in the digital age is a filmmaker syndrome
  • Does digital distribution give the indie artist more artistic freedom and business autonomy?

Constructing the Final Image (2013)

Hosted by: Sib Law, IAWTV Chair & The Digital Overlap
Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, Cinematographer
Jay Miles, Producer/Filmmaker
Mike Rotman, CEO & Founder of Streamin' Garage

  • What are the elements that do into capturing the exact image you want?
  • How do pre-production, make-up artistry, cinematography, costume design and set design work together?
  • Do digital and 3D cameras change the fundamentals of these visual crafts? If so, how?

The Business of Acting in the Digital Age (2013)

Hosted by: Sib Law, IAWTV Chair & The Digital Overlap
Dylan Bruno, Actor, Numbers, NCIS, Saving Private Ryan
Michael Sladek, SAG Indie

  • Changes in the business side of acting as TV, web and film merge across digital platforms
  • The basic business fundamentals of acting that remain as constant today as they were a decade ago
  • What does SAG Indie do to support actors while the industry tries to find its way in the digital age
  • Is there such a thing as a "Crossover" actor anymore or does that go away with the merging of distribution technologies?
  • What changes are coming down the road for actors?

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