Screenings, Panels and Seminars


We have left this up here so you can see what the typical festival schedule looks like. The 2017 schedule will be released in August, 2017.

Wednesday, Oct 5th, 2016

itvfest2016 programschedule wed

Thursday, Oct 6th, 2016

itvfest2016 programschedule thurs

Friday, Oct 7th, 2016

itvfest2016 programschedule fri

Saturday, Oct 8th, 2016

itvfest2016 programschedule sat

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

itvfest2016 programschedule sun


Screening Schedule

Screenings begin Wed, Oct 5th at Noon and end Sun, Oct 9th at 6pm. The main screening venues are the "Gala Tent" and the "Theatre" (view map). Open to everyone. All badges. Seating first come, first serve.

Vermont Student Film Showcase
Wed, Oct 5th, Noon-2pm

ITVFest always opens with a special daytime screening of local Vermont student produced films. This is a joint effort with the Windham Regional Career Center and the Visual and Performing Arts Academy to promote the artistic endeavors of the next generation of artists. This year's short presentations are:

DANCE FAMILIES, Written & Directed by Adam Hinckley & Ben Kaufman (2016)
In this dark comedic short that parodies Reality TV, two young dancer prepare for the performance of a life-time.

THE BIG 4-0, Written & Directed by Owen Comstock, Emily Cutts, and Sam Turner (2016)
A single man, whose only friend is a picture of a woman in a frame, prepares for his fortieth birthday party.

AWAKE, Written & Directed by Colette Anton & Justin Souvanh (2016)
A young couple experiences love and loss, in this bittersweet drama.

THE TWINKIETASTROPHE, Written & Directed by Freesia Capy-Goldfarb & Camille Gunzburg (2016)
In this over-the-top comedy, two high-school student's suspect that their class assignment may be causing catastrophe.

Official Selection Screenings
Wed-Sun, various times

The official screenings open Wed, Oct 5th at 4pm with the Short Film Showcase! Come see the best new short films from around the world.

Starting Thursday morning, we have 74 more of the best new TV shows and films for you to enjoy all day everyday! The Gala Tent and the Theatre are about a 7 minuutes walk from each other, so plan for that if you're going to be bouncing back and forth.

The content creators that are screening will be at ITVFest, so you get to meet them and ask questions after they screen on Fri, Sat or Sun! You'll see "Q&A" listed during the blocks that have live Q&A's.

Please note: No food or drinks are allowed inside the Theatre. They have concessions for sale. You are welcome to bring food and drinks into the Gala Tent.

Scary Saturday Night
Sat, Oct 8th, 7pm at the Gala Tent

All screenings end before 8pm except for Saturday night when we're purposefully screening the new ghostly thriller documentary "Trail to Terror".

This is NOT a horror/gore film. This is a documentary. We thought setting it in the dark of night would add just the right amount of thrill!



paneltag akyumen

Open to everyone. All badges. Seating first come, first serve.

Friday, Oct 7th

Panel #1
Aasim Saied, Terry Owen, and Roy Liebrecht, Deb Chandler, Moderator

Join the entertainment technology revolution, unfolding faster than most can follow…let Akyumen Technologies and Akyumen TV show you how to be a cutting edge content provider to the global entertainment consumer.

Panel #2
Akyumen TV presenting KF Media Group - #BOOM – LOOK WHO’S COMING TO AKYUMEN TV!
Moderator: Deb Chandler, CEO-Co- Founder KF Media Group with Red Carpet Correspondent Kristyn Caddell

Join us for a FUN, fast paced, showcase. Join us as we announce the new channels and shows coming to Akyumen TV and Radio Network. Meet the celebrities.


Saturday, Oct 8th

Panel #1
Aasim Saied, Terry Owen, Roy Liebrecht, Deb Chandler, Moderator

How to show up, stand out, and get your content distributed and viewed in today’s rapidly changing markets.

Panel #2
Akyumen TV presenting KF Media Group: #BOOM – LOOK WHO’S COMING TO AKYUMEN TV!
Moderator: Deb Chandler, CEO and-Co- Founder KF Media Group, with Red Carpet Correspondent Kristyn Caddell

Ever wonder to what extent “Big Brother” is watching over us? Protecting us? Don’t miss this riveting interview with Michael Daugherty, Entrepreneur, Cyber-Security Expert, Author and Creator of “Devil Inside the Beltway,” the first Original Series in development for Akyumen TV. 45 Minutes (Giveaways, and book signing with the author.)


Sunday, Oct 9th

Panel #1
Aasim Saied, Terry Owen, and Roy Liebrecht, Deb Chandler Moderator.

What’s next…in the way content is acquired, presented and consumed, and the post millennial impact on Pay TV.

Panel #2
Akyumen TV presenting KF Media Group - #BOOM – LOOK WHO’S COMING TO AKYUMEN TV!
Moderator: Akyumen TV Strategic Partner and CEO of KF Media Group, Deb Chandler with Red Carpet Correspondent Kristyn Caddell

We have surprises and hilarious stories, as we take a quick look at original programming under development for Akyumen TV Originals. Meet the celebrities, giveaways…and fun, fun, fun as we wrap ITVFest!



iawtv presents producer prep

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED here. Open to Content Creator or Executive bagdes only. Limited space available.


An in-depth and hands-on series of seminars and roundtables about what it takes to Produce in the digital age. Learn the tricks of the trade from legal to financial and negotiation.


The Evolution of Entertainment by Marx Pyle (Board member IAWTV)
Thursday, 1 p.m.

There is a revolution happening in entertainment and it is all the Internet’s fault. Marx Pyle (Television on the Wild Wild Web) discusses how the visual medium of storytelling has changed over time. He takes a look at how the Internet has changed things dramatically for creators and the industry as a whole and pinpoints recent successes and lessons that can be learned from them. Plus, he takes a look at trends to help theorize possible new directions of storytelling.

Entrepreneurial Edge by Scott C. Smith (Academy Award Winner)
Friday, 1p.m.

When you consider how you are going to build the business side of your career in entertainment, there are many elements to consider.Scott C. Smith, Academy Award Winner, innovator in CGI and Animation Entertainment as well as founder of Creature Art and Mechanics, shares tips and pitfalls for entrepreneurs as well as key steps to working towards a successful entertainment business.



Negotiation Toolkit by Sib Law (Board member IAWTV)
Saturday, 1 p.m.

How much money do you spend to make money? How does the amount are paid get calculated? Your success rides on how well you manage the answers to these two questions. You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate! Sib Law, one of the world’s top negotiation consultants, leads this interactive session. You will learn by doing as you negotiate an entertainment deal, learn from it, and then apply what you’ve learned. You will leave with key skills and behaviors critical to negotiating better, more profitable deals.

Financial Toolkit by Vinca Jarrett
Sunday, 1 p.m.

Where do I find investors? How do I put together a package investors will be interested in? What financial expectations should I set? These and many other questions will be addressed by Vinca Jarrett, Boston-based entertainment lawyer and finance consultant. Drawing on decades working to finance productions of all sizes from micro to studio films, Vinca will provide key insights on how put together a solid financial plan.

Legal Toolkit by Andrea Casillas
Sunday, 2:30 p.m.

You may have the best plans, the strongest intellectual property, and even the world’s best talent; but, without the law on your side, you may find that it all goes to someone else or that you have no right to use it. Steven Masur, a New York City-based entertainment lawyer provides key insights to help protect you legally. You will leave this session with critical take-aways to implement to protect the projects you have worked so hard to complete.



paneltag yoga

PRE-REGISTRATION OPTIONAL here. Space is limited.
Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun, 9am

jenn laurenzo yogaITVFest in Vermont is different from other festivals because it's so relaxing. Start off each morning at the Panel Tent with a Yoga warmup :)

Jenna received her 200 hr. training from Sonic Yogic and 500 hr. from Hatha Vidya. She’s had the pleasure of studying with her teacher Will Duprey for the past 8 years. Jenna once resisted structure as both a storyteller and yogi.

Through her practice, she's eventually found structure to be the most fundamental tool for creative expression in both yoga and as a content creator. Jenna's classes emphasize personal expression through a structured sequence where limitations are met and welcomed as opportunity for personal growth. Jenna uses humor and day-to-day inspiration to push boundaries and challenge perception.

Jenna’s short Girl Night Stand will be screening at the festival and is currently in the process of being acquired. She looks forward to sharing her stories and yogic practices at itvfest. Jenna continues studying with her beloved teachers Will Duprey and Radhanath Swami.

$18 per morning with pre-reg, $22 at the door (cash/card/venmo). Mats provided.


paneltag cd

Open to everyone. All badges. Seating first come, first serve.

The Art of Self-Taping: Importance of Connection with Erica Arvold
Thurs, Oct 6th, 2:00-2:50pm

An in-depth lively & participatory conversation about the most important aspect of presenting oneself via a self-taped audition. All attendees will engage in on-your-feet exercises and a few will be selected to help demonstrate some simple concepts to achieve a solid "on camera" connection when taping an audition. Q&A will follow.

Producer/casting director/educator Erica Arvold most recently cast the indie feature Permanent has recently served as location casting director for Jeff Nichols’ feature film Loving, the AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies and two seasons of Netflix’s House of Cards.


On-Camera with Anne Mulhall
Fri, Oct 7th, 12:00-12:50pm

The class explores the basics of on-camera auditioning. Using material from TV commercials, corporate video, film scripts, students will learn script analysis, character relationships and development. The goal of this class will be to create a framework for the student to confidently go into any audition and "own" their time in the room. Students will finish this workshop with a strong skill set to use as they continue their journey into the industry.

"Taking Anne Mulhall's classes not only helped me better my auditioning technique, but I also learned the proper way to look at acting as a business. Which was a huge stepping stone for me as I have moved into the production end of film as well. From the knowledge gained in Anne's classes, I can tell when an actor enters the room if they will be up to professional standards. I urge anyone looking to get into the industry and to those who are in it and want to elevate their profile, to make taking Anne's class a top priority."


paneltag fireside

Open to everyone. All badges. Seating first come, first serve.

How the West is Won: Examining the Wild West of the Web a Decade In

Thurs, Oct 6th, 3:45-4:25pm

IAWTV Chair and award-winning writer/director, Tina Cesa Ward sits down with industry vet and pioneer, Rob Barnett to talk about his jump into the web world in 2007 with My Damn Channel, how far we’ve come, the future of content online and his new venture Rob Barnett Media.


Neil Landau Executive Conversations

Thurs, Oct 6th, 4:30-5:00pm

Fri, Oct 7th, 5:00-5:30pm

Sat, Oct 8th, 4:45-5:15pm

Thinking Outside the Box. Conversations with creative trailblazers and visionary rebels who've dared to challenge conventional TV tropes, redefine stodgy business models, transcend expectations -- and win.


Bobby Farrelly & Kris Meyer

Sat, Oct 7th, 5:15-6:00pm

An in-depth (and probably hilarious) discussion about the making of some of the world's biggest comedies with the legendary Bobby Farrelly and his wizard of oz behind the scenes, Kris Meyer.

Hosted by Dana Kuznetzkoff, TV and Film Producer who serves on the Producers Guild of America's National Board of Delegates and the Board of Representatives.


paneltag retreat


Develop & Pitch Your Own TV Show

  • Develop your TV Comedy, TV Drama, or Web Series with World Class Teachers & Showrunners
  • Experience a Real TV Writers Room Environment
  • Master The Art of the TV Pitch
  • Learn Advanced Networking Skills
  • Create a Logline, Pitch & TV Bible For Your Show
  • Get a 5 Minute Private Pitch Session With a TV Executive
  • Pitch Your Show To Real Producers at Our Culminating Pitch Party Event


The "Secret Producer" Pitch Party

In addition to your 5 minute one-on-one pitch with a TV executive, you’ll also get entry to the culminating event of the retreat, The “Secret Producer” Pitch Party, exclusively for retreat attendees.

Mingling incognito among the crowd will be a bevy of special invitees: TV Producers, Directors, Executives, Agents & Managers at all levels!

For two hours, you’ll practice the skills you’ve developed, pitching your heart out to everyone in the room, with no risk of rejection. If your script is not for them, the producer will simply pitch you their own project, as if they were a writer just like you.

But if you pique their interest, they’ll identify themselves as a “Secret Producer” and request your work.

And in the meantime, you’ll be taking your pitching skills to the next level, not only building potential connections to industry professionals, but also building the connections you need to succeed among your own community of emerging writers.


Learn From World Class TV Writers

The only retreat of its kind, with seminars, panels, pitch events, and unique TV workshops run like real TV writers rooms, which foster collaboration between talented student writers and world class showrunners and award winning TV writers. Faculty highlights include:

Jerome Perzigian, the former showrunner of Married With Children, The Jeffersons & The Golden Girls

Steven Molton, a Pulitzer Prize Nominee, acclaimed writer and former Showtime and HBO executive.

Jacob Krueger, Jacob Krueger Studio founder and WGA Paul Selvin Award Winner.

Jessica Hinds, Meditative Writing & Craft guru and Senior Faculty Member at Jacob Krueger Studio.

Karin Partin, Working Indie- TV Writer, Finalist at Sundance, Scriptapalooza, Screencraft and Austin Film Festival, and nominee to the prestigious Sundance Television Lab in 2015.



paneltag panels

Open to everyone. All badges. Seating first come, first serve.


Fri, Oct 7th, 11:00am-Noon

“Last Life” web series, returning to ITV Fest with its second season, is closing in on nearly 16 million views and gained 50,000 subscribers in a little under a year. The series is the first offering from Puma Squad Productions.

It is a supernatural drama about the never-ending battle between good and evil and a pair of soul mates, who when reunited, only cause destruction. Creators/Producers Elesha Barnette and Kathy DiStefano share how they turned $10,000 and a group of unknown talent into a successful series with a highly engaged fan base who has spent over 36 million minutes watching.

The panelists will cover topics such as low-budget production techniques, niche story-telling, crowd-funding, audience engagement strategies, as well as what it’s like to be women helming a channel whose slate of content is focused on the traditionally male-dominated world of sci-fi and supernatural.


Fri, Oct 7th, 1:00-1:45
with Greta McAnany, Rick Tracy and Lauren Tracy. Hosted by Vinca Jarrett.

In today's digital boom of OTT's (over-the-top) channels, what does it take to start from the ground up and build a platform that reaches across the planet?

X-Factor Films is a platform and studio for creators and fans of badass female entertainment. Mainstream Hollywood produces movies with female characters or filmmakers just 15% of the time. They gather and make original content with the best creators of this next-generation content from all over the Internet: series, shorts and movies of all genres. X-Factor aims to become the major hub for creators of this content to showcase their work and personal brand, and where millions of fans choose to consume and engage with them directly.


Fri, Oct 7th, 1:45-2:25
with Vinca Jarrett

Join film financier Vinca Jarrett for an in-depth look at today's distribution world for both TV and film. What are the new challenges in the digital age? How do new TV shows and new Content Creators find their way through the legal side of distribution?


Sat, Oct 8th, 11:00-11:50am
with Jen Grisanti

The key to becoming a working writer or creating longevity as a working writer is writing a TV pilot script that they can’t ignore. The pilot script is one of the hardest scripts to write.

Jen Grisanti developed a story system that has led 40 of her clients to sell their pilots. Five of them went to series. Jen was a studio executive for 12 years at Spelling Television Inc. and CBS/Paramount. She staffed over 15 primetime shows in her career. Aaron Spelling was her mentor. She is also the writing instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC. Jen has launched numerous writing careers over the last 20 years.

She developed a system of story for writers leading them to sell their pilots and staff in television. Part of her system includes story structure, adding fiction to your truth, writing memorable characters and creating a strong internal story.


Sat, Oct 8th, Noon-12:50
with Jesse Albert, Kelly Edwards, Caissie St. Onge, Priyanka Pruthi

Storytelling is at the heart of every creative work, from TV and film to novels and paintings. So why do we share stories in the first place? How does today's age of digital distribution change their purpose, if at all?

This is a panel with a wide range of perspectives including leading executives, producers and former agents from major industry companies such as ICM, HBO, Bravo, and The United Nations.


Sat, Oct 8th, 4:00-4:45
with Michael Rosenberg, Joel Surnow, Randy Zisk

In the world of TV show production, the "Showrunner" is the top of the food chain. While it's one of the most important positions in the industry, there are very few ways to "train" to become one. Most showrunners have learned their own ways through experience.

Join three of the world's top showrunners as they share their stories about how they learned the art of showrunning.


Sun, Oct 9th, 2:00-2:45

If you're looking around thinking to yourself, "Wow, Vermont is beautiful and relaxing - I wish I could live and work here", this is the panel for you.

Join Vermont creatives Luke Stafford (Mondo Media), Marguerite Dibble (Game Theory), Eric Ford (Vermont PBS) and Edmar Mendizabal (Vermont Game Developers Association) to discuss "Industry Change and Convergence: Emerging Opportunities for Content Creatives in Vermont" moderated by Stephen Pite, Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Film and the Vermont Media Alliance


Sun, Oct 9th, 11:00-Noon

with Khara Campbell (AOL), Philip Chung (YomYomF), Mike Rotman (Streamin Garage), Thom Woodley (Electus)

As consumers switch to content online, digital networks are positioning themselves as the next great content makers. What does it take to run a major digital network? How does the branding and programming work at a major company with millions of viewers everyday? Is there a way to determine what types of shows people will watch next? How much of programming for a digital network is data driven versus content driven?

How are ratings determined, if at all? Is the purpose to follow the audience or create original shows? What's the life of an online show? And so many more questions.


Sun, Oct 9th, 1:15-2:00

with Jesse Albert, Jermaine Johnson, Ari Lubet, Josh McGuire

Hollywood is a tough business and one of the most difficult barriers is getting an agent. Where do you begin? How do you approach? What's the main purpose an agent or manager will serve? What should you know before talking to someone about seeking representation?

Join 4 top agents and managers as they discuss the ways to take this important step in your career.

paneltag pitch

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. All badge types welcome.

Fri, Oct 7th & Sat, Oct 8th. 1:00-3:00.

Speed Pitch Event with Come pitch your web series, short, feature, screenplay, or whatever else you can dream up at the Speed Pitch Event with at ITVFest. Get quick feedback and plenty of practice on your “elevator pitch” as you get the opportunity to describe your project to festival directors, film journalists, industry veterans and fellow filmmakers who are screening films in’s 2016 Online New England Film Festival.

In attendance:

Michele Meek, Founder, and Online New England Film Festival

Shawn Quirk, Programmer, Rhode Island International Film Festival

Judy Laster, Founder, Woods Hole Film Festival

John Gamache, Associate Festival Director, Woods Hole Film Festival

Genine Tillotson, Director, Harvard Square Script Writers and Flicks4Chicks

Erin Trahan, Editor & Film Journalist, WBUR & The Independent

Daniel Bérubé, Producer and Boston Creative Pro User Group

Dan McGuire, Filmmaker

Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Filmmaker and Attorney

Amanda Kowalski & Samantha Broun, Filmmakers

Elayne McCabe, Filmmaker

Rebecca Maddalo, Filmmaker

Tom Babbitt & Francine Zaslow, Filmmakers

Brandon R. Cordeiro, Filmmaker

Jason Margaca, Filmmaker

Richard Ho, Filmmaker & Writer

Melissa Kosmaczewski, Filmmaker

Jeffrey Bemiss, Filmmaker

Zoë Morgan Chiswick, Filmmaker

paneltag red

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED here. Content Creator or Executive Badge.

Fri, Oct 7th & Sat, Oct 8th. 3:00-5:30pm.

RED Workshops presented by Jonah Fine & Matt Klamm of RED Digital Cinema.

Jonah & Matt are RED product experts that specialize in education, training and operation of RED's line of digital cinema cameras. This will be an introduction to RED's DSMC2 camera lineup, including the WEAPON 6K , SCARLET-W 5K , and RED RAVEN 4.5K.

Workshops will cover camera features and setup, display, power and I/O modules, camera use and menu structure, exposure tools and techniques, acquisition codecs including RED's R3D RAW file format and best practices for workflow and editing."

paneltag comedy



Fri, Oct 7th & Sat, Oct 8th. 10pm at the 1846 Tavern.

Boston's top comedians are coming back to cause chaos and laughter at ITVFest again! Always a late-night crowd favorite.

Check back closer to the festival for details.


Sat, Oct 8th. 7pm at the Panel Tent.

"NOTHING'S ON; A LIVE CHANNEL FLIPPIN' ODESSEY - SKETCH SHOW There's a million channels and nothing to watch. Let last year's Best TV Comedy (Life Sucks) winners, Dinner for One, decide what to watch for you in this live action, channel-changing sketch comedy adventure. Dfor1 is a NY based sketch comedy collective that perform at UCB, the PIT and sketch festivals all over the country. This show is rated TV-MA...but fun for the whole family! "